The project
The team
Our Partners

Our vision

Build alliances between consumers and businesses to promote full adoption of ethical consumption models.

Our mission

Inform, connect and involve consumers, experts and businesses to foster ethical consumer product innovation.

Our promise

We'll create opportunities for you to meet, collaborate and learn – to talk and listen to one another in an inclusive, supportive and creative space. A positive place where relationships of trust and integrity are forged and built to last.

If you are an engaged consumer, we want to strengthen your influence by equipping you with the right content and connections, and provide unique opportunities of collaboration with small and medium enterprises offering truly ethical consumption product innovation.

If you are a small & medium enterprise, we want to help you building strategic alliances, with engaged consumers, experts and other ethically minded SMEs from other industries and markets. We will help you to tackle your main development obstacles by engaging members of the community in a collaborative and cocreation process.

Etikord is all about working together to create a better world.

To think in new, ethically-minded ways. Everyday. For everyone.